Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Skinny on the Not so skinny...

Hi, Well let me begin by saying the following, I am not a skinny,size ZERO girl. I am a woman with real curves that happens to LOVE fashion and everything that involves it. I know that with the size I am now i can barely fit into anything fashionable but i try my best. Ever since I started reading Seventeen i couldn't stop thinking about all the clothes, shoes and accessories. But you know life happens you make mistakes that change your life completely and before you know it i was a 17 year old single mother with TWO children and all of my hard earned money was spent in pampers,wipes and everything a child needs. So NO no Bags,Shoes or clothes for me. All i could do was to see them on the glossy paper of the magazines.That was until i met my prince charming.We got married and now we had two incomes and i could afford some goodies.The only bad thing about this was that i had gained some happy weight and i could no longer fit into any of the amazing clothes. I have struggled to loose the weight for a long time now and things in my body are starting to hurt.Every time i go to the doctor they tell me i have to loose weight and the unforgettable and hurtful words of people that knew you when you were 50lbs lighter "oh,you got fat" or "why did you get so fat". I think it is time to make a change, not for the people that call me FAT but for ME. I need to be healthy and I need to feel Beautiful in my own skin which most of the time i do but there's those moments when i want to wear something really bad and i just don't fit. So my blog will have a combination of how i'm doing with my fitness(weight loss), things that inspire me and lots of fashion. I also want to thank my wonderful husband for always telling me how beautiful i am and for putting up with my expensive taste. Till next time.....
~ Ivonne

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